Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Vision for Our Home

I have yet to do a Decor post because as you know, we are waiting to move into the fabulous 4 bedroom/2 Bath farmhouse we purchased about 2 months ago. It has been a very long journey to get to this point. We found the house this spring, after convincing my then fiancĂ© to check it out as I had been looking at it for a couple of months online after we decided we were going to buy a house. The house was not in pretty shape, a foreclosure, the previous owners did a number to it when then found out they were losing the house. They literally took a sledgehammer to the lovely tile flooring in the kitchen, and most of the house was add-ons that were not properly built. We have dumped over $35,000 into the house since purchasing it, and NONE of that is cosmetic, just structure. Here is some of my vision to turn our house into a home.

Basically all of the flooring needs to be replaced, I'm huge on having consistent flooring through most of a house so we decided on the new looks like wood, 25 year warranty vinyl flooring (see above for the color I choose). That is going in the kitchen, laundry room, both hallways, both bathrooms and two of the bedrooms. I'm devastated that we have to put carpet in the living room due to that room being built without an insulated foundation, so I will choose a carpet that works in the final two bedrooms and my bonus craft room. 


Currently, the cabinets and countertops make me want to scream, and we cannot afford a new kitchen so my mom and I are going to take on the project next spring with Giani Granite countertop and cabinet paint. I'm going to do this color on the countertop, a dark brown for the lower cabinets and a creme color for the uppers (an idea sparked from HGTV). I am dying for a apron front sink, i don't care if some sites say they are so last year, it will bring in the perfect touch of vintage farmhouse that I love. We are ripping out the current panty to create space for the oversized fridge therefore my coat closet will become my panty. I have a small obsession with vintage 1920's Blue Mason Jars (and i just bought a TON of them for our wedding this past September) so I will be storing my food in those and containers from The Container Store. I intend to make an 8ft farmhouse table and two benches for the dining room (See tutorial here). To make up for taking my coat closet for the panty, there is a small space I will make a makeshift mudroom with a coat rack, mail slots, vinyl calendar and key holder on the wall. I just emailed a guy about this

church pew on craigslist. I'm in love! Just imagine baskets underneath for shoes, and maybe a new paint job!
Here is a picture of my beloved china hutch, my mother in law found a FULL SET of vintage china in their attic when they moved last winter and gave it to us, I'm so stoked because it matches perfectly! 

Living room:
So I went to Ikea and a Detroit Tigers baseball game as my bachlorette party, and this is what I found. This is the inspiration   for my living room, I love how clean and natural it looks! I have a few awesome pillows I got from TJ Maxx that will add some color to the room but still keep it soft. We also will be adding a electric wood burning stove in the living room because of those heating problems in that room and for a nice vintage looking touch. I almost forgot, there is an antique library card catalog that I have requested Scott to get me for Christmas, think of all the organizing possibilities! 

Both bathrooms in my house are a nightmare so I really need to get in there and process what I can salvage and what needs to be replaced. I know the master bathroom will eventually have double sinks (the white porcelain bowl kind) and the oversized claw foot tub my hubby got me for valentines day (I love practical gifts). I have no idea what direction I am going with the main floor bath yet.

My bedroom ideas are going to be a surprise, I have to leave some form of mystery to keep people coming back right? hahha!

I cannot wait to get into our house and start making my visions, reality. I honestly have had insomnia the last 4 nights because I have been up dreaming of all the stuff I am going to do to it, & I hope you keep coming back for more! 


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see your countertop makeover! I am really wanting to try out one of those kits for our kitchen countertops! Best of luck to you with all of your projects!

  2. You are my very first comment! Thank you for that(: I love your blog by the way, it is very inspiring, I cant wait to do that calendar you just posted. But yes, im very excited to redo my kitchen in this fashion to get us by until we can redo it. My mom is an interior painter so she will help me tackle the project, I cant wait to post the results. Thank you for your kind words!