Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Paint Perfect Stripes

Dear Marleigh,

Grandpa Bob died of Cancer in 1996 when I was 6 years old. He was the greatest guy in the world, my mom always tells me the story about how she woke up in her hospital room the day after I was born, Grandpa Bob had called into work and was sitting in the corner of the room, holding and just staring at me. He called my cousins and I his "Sweethearts" and I wish everyday that I could have had the pleasure of getting to know him better. 

Alway, I have a large chest that he built before I was born to hold motocross gear (He owned a motocross shop and my dad and uncle still ride to this day). I hold this chest dear to my heart just because he built it, and it has moved with me from place to place over the years. I have always used it to store blankets and sheets at the foot of my bed. While I love the chest and its familiar yet unknown scent inside, it was time for a facelift as I'm in the process of decorating our bedroom with my newest obsession: Navy and Gold (:
*Inspiration Board Coming Soon*

I decided it needed some fun, so why not Gold stripes? I sanded the box down as well as I could, but left some of the damage to give it some character. I started out by painting it the same white color I painted the steamer trunk with my DIY chalk paint. I decided to make the stripes the same height as the top lip of the trunk and taped off my lines with frog tape. I made sure to press the tape down firmly with a gift card.

After taping off my stripes I sealed the lines with a coat of my base color, this is the key to perfect stripes every time!


I let that dry for 24 hours, It is not necessary to let it dry that long with the chalk paint but I did it just to be sure. I used Gold Leaf Rub-N-Buff and rubbed it on with my finger to get an even coat. I did the second coat with a cut up t-shirt to really buff it in.

Normally, if you are using paint you peel the tape off while the paint is still wet, but Rub-N-Buff dries pretty quickly. You want to peel off the tape when your paint is tacky enough to stick without it running but not hard enough to tear off with the tape. Remove the tape slowly and at a 90 degree angle. I had to touch up a few places where the tape ripped up my base color a little bit, so the slower the better. Here is the final striped chest:

It looks great so far, I love it! I plan to make a tufted bench seat for the top of it but that is a little down the road, I will of course post the tutorial when it is completely finished. I know Grandpa Bob would be proud of how crafty I am and appreciate every ounce of love I put into each one of my projects :') 

Project Cost Breakdown:
Chest - Free
White Paint, Already on hand - Free
Roll of Frog Tape - $6
Gold Leaf Rub-N-Buff - $5
 Total: $11

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